your esthetic is basically grumpy cat

Someone take me on tour and present me to millions pls. 

Got bored. Went through my closet. Found my old tripps. Can’t wear ‘em anymore but I want to get a new pair. So, help me choose. Black with skulls, matte red or neon?

Its not often I get new clothes, so should be fun.


I am waiting till I get to the “been awake so long might as well be coked up” stage.

In much more relevant news, I have expanded my extremely massive library of sound, and now have taken on redoing Philip Glass’ quartet #2 (called Company by many). Its good, you should listen to it.

spend hours meticulously searching for a program.

Netflix buys the rights for it today. 

Guy in between classes was playing a violin. I want to help him, but self determination when learning is key, and learning from own mistakes is much more rewarding.
But, I did tell him he’s holding his bow wrong.

Oh and while I’m thinking. I have no idea why I work so tirelessly on music. It actually perplexes me. I appreciate it for learning new concepts and practical application of self taught and disciplined solo learning, but it has significantly less draw for me than history and scientific research fields.

Maybe because I can create something with my two hands and just leave it there. Its a place holder; not even a momento. Possibly because I don’t want people to forget, but I have no interest in what people think of me, because people generally are irrational, act illogically, and can’t argue out of a paper bag.