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Im quite happy with how this little expirement turned out. I hope others are as well. 

Stuff and stuff

I just hit a massive brainwave while working on this tune and i am so happy.

Happy birthday to me . :)
A nice quiet Saturday is a must


That’s enough of this for today. Thinking waaaaaay to much about music. 

Martin WIP
Ryan Mitchell

Lois WIP
Ryan Mitchell

Annamarie WIP
Ryan Mitchell

Evan WIP
Ryan Mitchell

Im sure you’ve caught on to the joke now. 

I have decided to cancel District Orion. The 3 Tracks i was quite happy with will have finalized versions here, and on my bandcamp shortly.

Thank you for all the support, and i look forward to the new musical frontier. 

Marie WIP
Ryan Mitchell

Mentality has taken me in a new direction. 


Aug 1

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Aug 1

Ryan Mitchell

This is all I am now.

I am heartache, I am heartbreak, i am agony, I am sorrow I am grief, I am suffering, I am hurting. 

I am sorry. 

How could I have let this happen. I have never regretted anything more in my life, and it is actually killing me. 

I had it all, I lost my all.

I am now nothing.